Upgrade your specs appeal!

This edition, we’d like to dedicate our stylish feature to the stylish men. Gentlemen sunglasses, they call it. And these sunglasses are not just any piece of accessory, they are the accessories that make fashion headlines!

When the same piece of attire is not okay for all the occasions, why should one think that it is okay to have just one pair of sunglasses? However, some sunglasses are great multi-taskers. With the growing need of standing out, especially, amongst the youth, one must know there are a lot of stylish options to look forward to. Let’s face it, the ultra-technical, wrap around ones don’t go with everything. Do they?

It is time to mix-and-match and honestly, to go crazy!

And no, blindly choosing round sunglasses is not going crazy. There is a need to take an extra step and add that EXTRA element to your style statement. There is a need to go wild with the colours and unconventional with the shapes. Why should only girls have all the fun?

Well, it’s time men opened up to some experimentation in life when we talk about sunglasses. But with the guys, a word of caution, be careful because there is a thin line between being cool and being funny.

So here are our picks for the season that one must know about:

Cool shapes for cool people

First of all, the world should be thankful for geometrical shapes. Specifically designed for people with round faces, these styles are a blessing in disguise. Well, the designers thought it through, but we’d like to put it this way. Alongside an ability to add structure to orbicular heads, these overtly angular shades are very different from the standard shapes. Recently the stylist at Paul Higgins made a statement, “Geometric-shape shades – whether they are square or hexagonal – offer an easy way to differentiate yourself from the crowd. Because of their shape, subtlety is key, so be sure to choose thin frames and classic colours.”

The beauty of these unconventional and unusually shaped sunnies is that they are relatively smaller in size in comparison to other sunglasses. These allow your face to be the star!

Red, Yellow, And Everything Bright

If we go back in time, people never really liked the idea of bright sunglasses, because sunglasses are supposed to be sophisticated. Well, let that mental note take a hike. Sophistication is how one perceives it. And in the way the sunglasses are designed these days, colours are everything! So make sure to showcase options to your customers accordingly.

So go wild with your choices, and mind you, there is a colour for every season and no one is going to deny this in today’s eyewear fashion world. One can wear a rainbow in the eyes and no one will complain.

Aviators Are Changing

Aviators are changing and everyone should know. Your customer might wanna rethink before he buys a boring pair of sunglasses that (we won’t take the name) brands have been making since ages. There are shapes with edgy appearances and one must go gaga over them!

Key to avoiding the pitfall of rocking average aviators is seeking out plot twist design details. Suggest gold frames, coloured lenses or patterned acetate designs to ensure your customer knows what they need!

Welcome The Nineties But With A Twist

In the world of modern infrastructure to technology, an eyewear must also have an update. Yes! This simple logic is what has inspired designers’ work when they took the styles from the season of Elton John and created the new Nick Jonas!

The Backstreet boys are literally in the back seat, now. Your customer must very well know this when they head out to buy the ‘modern’ piece of eyewear. So it is safe to say that the ‘ Britpop era’ is back but with some salt in it.

Raise The Bar With The Top Bar Shades

Let’s get one thing straight, the top bar sunglasses are not subtle, they are designed to stand out. For those customers who are going OTT (over the top) with their eyewear, there’s good news because this season has ushered in a new crop of designs which take down the frame width for a less startlingly obvious wear.

When combined with a thin metal top bar, the acetate frames end up making a very statement-worthy piece of accessory!